4 noviembre 2022

The Southern Border is under pressure. It is a permanent field of extortion and struggle against our continent, and some have decided to surrender it.


Borders are the gates of our continent, of our traditions, of our homes. They protect us, they are the fences that allow us to be good neighbours, to interact with respect, to negotiate intelligently and to defend our legitimate interests.

Safe borders keep our neighbourhoods safe. And those who open them to impoverish us and transform our poorest neighbourhoods into dangerous suburbs live very well in mansions with high walls and private security. Unelected oligarchies and big economic powers always want for others what they will not accept for themselves.

Open borders are a trap for those who leave their countries tricked by mafias. They are torn away from their homelands, their families, their cultures, in the name of a supposedly better life that is nothing more than the new slavery and precariousness far from their origins.

Open borders are also a threat to all Europeans. The multicultural and diverse societies imposed on us by the powerful are not peaceful, they are problematic, they impose themselves on each other and generate conflicts and ghettos.

We are not prepared to see our prosperity and our future destroyed. We will not accept that anyone should challenge our sovereignty, destroy our roots and shake the foundations of order and civilization. We will stand at each of the most threatened points on our Southern Border to say that even if they give in, we will resist.

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